Rocket Girl.jpg

Who is "Rocket Girl?"

Technically speaking, Rocket Girl isn’t a real person (we know—big surprise.) Her character, however, embodies the spirit of everyone here at The Sourcing Group. When developing our new website, we wanted to give a special nod to our people, who are responsible for creating incredible value for our customers each and every day. Rocket Girl encompasses the three key qualities that each of our associates possess:

We are Passionate

Just like our pint-sized hero, all of us at TSG will go to extreme lengths to achieve our mission. Our customers are our singular focus and we are passionate about serving them—it’s engrained in our DNA. We love when our clients challenge us and we have the opportunity to say “can do” when others would say “not possible.” Our team is just as dedicated to their craft. We actually geek out on all the technical aspects of print, promotional items, and apparel. In fact, we’re the type of people that go to lunch and talk about data processing and embroidery machines.

We are Resource-full

When faced with the goal of achieving powered flight, Rocket Girl implemented quite the innovative solution. Our team members are just as imaginative (we do fully embrace cardboard and duct tape here at TSG). We have experts on staff representing many different industries, technologies, and capabilities. They help our customers reach more people, get to market quicker, drive down costs, increase process efficiency and more, all while adhering to complex regulatory requirements. Many of our people came from the customer side and they know what it means to have a true partner who can relate to the goals they are trying to achieve and the specific challenges they face.

We are Empowered

Rocket Girl isn’t waiting for anyone and neither will we. In the business world, opportunities present themselves unexpectedly, issues have to be resolved quickly, and of course change is the only constant. At TSG, we understand this and we trust our people to do whatever is needed to serve our customers. We work side-by-side with our clients and develop an intimate knowledge of their operation. Our goal is to move beyond the typical customer-vendor relationship to become trusted advisors and advocates. We are accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable. The biggest compliment we could ever possibly receive is our customers viewing us as just an extension of their team.

While our own flying days may be long gone, we hope the next time you speak with one of us you are reminded of these three qualities and our unwavering “mission” to help push our customers to new heights.