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Value Employees Through Technology

Onboarding kits done right! Click here for the downloadable PDF of the case study!


After a successful initial custom project with Thomas Concrete, we wanted to dive in and see how else we may be able to help them while our relationship was in its infancy. After hearing our extended capabilities, specifically our SourceKey eCommerce technology, their Marketing Team came in with a vision. They had been looking for a provider to build an internal company store, but weren’t having luck finding a partner that fit their needs. They needed a two part store; half would be an employee-facing store to take orders, while the other half would run a Welcome Kit program for onboading new employees to promote culture and appreciation.

Strategy & Execution

This project is a perfect example of teamwork through so many of our internal TSG departments. Once their initial vision was conveyed, our Creative Department got involved to design a comprehensive booklet that showcased exactly how we would approach this project from a creative perspective. This allowed Thomas Concrete to visualize physical details of the project and opened their eyes to move forward with learning about the technical aspects - Enter our Tech Team!

Through a few preliminary internal meetings, client meetings and a comprehensive eCommerce demonstration, Thomas Concrete decided that, with a undertaking of this size, it was necessary to research all their options and request for formal proposals. Our thorough proposal was developed using the help of the sales force, our Tech Team, trusted customer service representatives and advice and direction from our Executive Team. Our “all-hands-on-deck approach” led us to win the opportunity and grow our relationship with Thomas Concrete!

With the contract underway, an in-person marketing/research summit was held to establish all the initial details needed to get the program up and running. We discussed each product in depth – quantity, colors, decoration methods, branding, etc. The production, design, ordering and warehousing process began without a hitch! As products were inventoried, our Tech Team programed everything into the custom designed SourceKey storefront. The final Welcome Kit, as a whole, took a combination of at least 10 different vendors to put everything together - an expertly curated package, exactly how the customer liked it! The final kit included a custom branded box, welcome card with QR code, tissue paper, branded T- shirt or Polo depending on employee’s position (Concrete Delivery Professional or Management/Sales), branded lunch box with personalized luggage tag attached, branded water bottle, and branded hat.

Once all the items arrive, the Thomas Concrete marketing team was invited back to our warehouse to show how they wanted each kit packed. From here, we designed an instructional guideline showing the kitting steps start to finish. That process is followed each day to ensure uniformity and brand compliance on every kit produced in the future.


Thomas Concrete and their marketing team have been extremely pleased with the process! To this day, new employees at Thomas Concrete receive these special Welcome Kits that are fulfilled on-demand at our warehouse.

And this was only the beginning! After the Welcome Kit process was established, more branches of the online store have been produced; business cards, promotional products, branded apparel, employee recognition etc. As we kept doing business with them, TSG’s name spread company wide and then individual offices started ordering items through us. Our print services grew within Thomas Concrete as well, helping produce their annual sustainability report and printing/mailing their company magazine. Business continues to grow and it all started with the company store!