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Hard Work Goes Noticed!

It's always a great time to appreciate your employees! From a small token to a high-end gift, there are countless ways to show your gratitude for their hard work.

Our case study breakdown below follows our process of helping a healthcare system show they care. Click here to get access to the downloadable PDF version.


Following an unprecedented year with the pandemic, a healthcare system wanted to reward their caregivers with a special token of appreciation. The gift selection needed to be curated in a way to allow the recipient to feel their commitment and hardwork was valued. Over 5,000 employees were to be included, involving many different departments, seniority levels, and locations (delivery location was to be the employees’ homes due to ease on the client and COVID restrictions.)

Strategy & Execution

The Sourcing Group sourced high-end gift options (The North Face Jackets & an Ogio Backpack) that would fit the bill and evoke feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Using the strong network and buying power of the company, TSG was able to secure the gifts at a great price with precision embroidery included.

We developed an online ordering site, fully branded for the health system, for the thousands of employees to log-on and shop themselves. The recipient would be able to select their gift and denote their chosen size, allowing the process to feel more personal.

Along with the online platform, TSG created accompanying printed pieces in conjunction with the program. A step-by-step instruction guide for online ordering and a piece explaining the timeline of the process were both deployed to the employees for the launch, while a customized thank you note from the CEO was included in the final gift package.

As the orders came in, the gifts were picked, packed and dropshipped to the employee houses. The tracking information was then populated back into the online portal to allow for the recipient to follow along and track the arrival of their gift.


The whole gifting process was handled by TSG every step of the way, from development to delivery, allowing the health system to appreciate their caregivers in the best and easiest way.