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Employee Leaders Come Into "View"

We love to help our clients find a way to commemorate each of their employee's personalized journey. Click here for the downloadable PDF of the case study!


It is imperative to realize that each employee is special, with a unique career path. AdventHealth wanted to capitalize on this and create a special way to commemorate each of their Marketing and Communications leaders. With many ways to approach appreciation gifts, they wanted to highlight the personalized and unique journey each leader has had with the AdventHealth family. Due to our long-standing relationship with this health care provider, they approached us with their ideas and allowed us “flex our creative muscles” to go above and beyond in the delivery.

Strategy & Execution

They wanted to create custom ViewFinders, completely unique to each individual. Each nostalgic product would be branded with the AdventHealth logo, while the image reels feature content and imagery that was specific to the recipient. We gathered customized content from the reporting lines of each recipient; Inspirational quotes, personal and professional images and more! With the content organized, The Sourcing Group was able to the perfect partner to help with the unique production hurdles.

Not only were the ViewFinder reels personalized, the full-color custom packaging with their bright brand elements created an unforgettable unboxing experience for each leader. Opening up their gifts, they were able to flip through their journeys with an incredible reminder of the progress they have made, the lives they have impacted all while seeing pictures of themselves, their loved ones and their accomplishments listed in each frame.


The most special keepsake was produced because of the careful consideration that both the client and The Sourcing Group were able to dedicate to this project. Because of the number of suppliers nationwide that AdventHealth uses, it is important that every project run smoothly. Due to our attention to detail and willingness to develop custom concepts and experiences, The Sourcing Group continues to solidify the relationship and keeps our name coming up in conversations for other projects like this down the road.