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Control and Visibility Fast Becoming Customer Requirements

The Sourcing Group was recently featured in a case study written by one of our technology partners. Three years ago, a long-time healthcare client approached us regarding their intent to more purposefully manage ALL their print, marketing collateral, and branded merchandise going forward. Never before had a customer with so many buyers and locations attempted to strategically manage the purchase and distribution of these items. While we had always provided purchasing reports to buyers at every location, corporate had decided that being reactive was not enough. They wanted a system to help them control costs while also increasing the ROI of all of their branded assets.

Fast-forward to today, three years after TSG successfully implemented a fully integrated, cross-media management platform. This technology is allowing team members at the planning level to maintain visibility and control over costs, marketing flows, and brand integrity. Customer engagement campaigns, including direct mail, are now streamlined and/or fully-automated. Insights on campaign effectiveness help the teams make better better use of their budgets. And for those items produced on demand, built-in management approval processes within the technology empower employees across the organization to quickly configure, order, and ship relevant items to their customers and stakeholders. The net result has been more effective customer campaigns, consistent branding, lowered costs, and higher employee productivity.

For more details on this joint endeavor, check out the full case study!